Brand identity:

Logo design, web design, stationery design, brochure design, brand guidelines, uniform fashion design, slogan creation;


Graphic design:

poster, flyer, icon, application, product and product packaging, book cover, magazine, social portal, postcard, e-card, diploma, invitation, illustration and any other design;


Advertising campaigns:

professional photographers, video production, audio production, non-standard video solutions, creative photo sessions, photo manipulation, photo restoration, copywriting and content-writing;



web, application, online store and secure payment system, system for inner needs of company, etc.;



any kind of typography services, logo embroidery and engraving.



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Professional Design Services


Logo Design


Stationery and Business Card Design


Web Design and Programming


Photo Restoration


Book Cover Design


Advertising Campaigns







Logo design, web design

& Much more!




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The team of Urban Picture successfully completed a major creative project dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Riga Municipal police. As a result of the project we now have a modern and original high-quality logo that symbolizes our growth and positive development. Needless to say the job has been done perfectly even taking our obligations, strict requirements and high expectations of quality. We were very pleased with the result and all of the other services they provided – many photo shoots, high quality photo exhibition, which was also created by the team of Urban Picture, calendars and amazingly well created brochure that reflects the history and nowadays of Riga Municipal police. The creation of these materials, the spent time and effort till the smallest details have made the result purely excellent.


We are grateful to the director of Urban Picture and his talented team for the successful result and we wish them many happy customers as we undoubtedly are.


Juris Lūkass

Chief of Riga Municipal Police




Our construction company chose team as a full brand identity developers including logo design, business card and stationery design, web design and site’s programming. Our choice was made based on their previous works. Right now looking back to the achieved result I can surely say that we are honored and glad that our company made this choice and we are one of the many successful examples in Urban Picture portfolio’s list. We are very happy with the result! Surely we can recommend to any other company or individual due to the fact that their created designs are amazingly creative and their team do the job extra accurately, professionally and they focus their attention even to the very smallest details!


Didzis Torims

Construction company "Accent Būve", member of the board




Linards and his team are an exceptional set of people and are very creative, their objective is to deliver a set of deeply studied concepts and believe me you will definitely pick one of the concepts they share with you. I am from India and I felt delighted to see their work and understanding which they have taken from my thoughts. Linards is a great professional it is pleasure to interact and work with him. I wish the team all the very best please continue to deliver your creative passion to the world!

Rajesh Sethi

CEO of StartRating and other global projects




Already for the third year our fruitful cooperation with the advertising agency confirms that we have hit the bullseye with choosing the right company to create our logo design and diplomas for our sport competition events.

I am personally very grateful to Linards Lacis (creative director of for the highly creative and deeply analyzed logo design concepts. He is always very helpful to every client’s needs and he precisely understands what exactly each of them wants to see in the result.

Their created brand identity for our dance sport tournament has an outstanding style with nothing similar to compare, our own atmosphere and even its supporters! :)

We are very happy and grateful for the result! We recommend everyone to cooperate with Urban Picture!

We look forward to continue our successful collaboration!!!

Elena Lavrenyuk

Dance tournament "Mirada Cup" organizer, SDC "Mirada" manager and trainer




"The starting point of all achievements is desire." Quote by Napoleon Hill


I felt it right away by just looking at UrbanPicture's work. PURE DESIRE. You can see and feel when people are doing what they suppose to do. I trust them and truly recommend: allow them to do their passion when starting your desire. Want to do it good, then choose  the right people for the right job. Thumbs up!


Gatis Grinvalds

Ceo of




Linards Lacis is an exceptionally talented artist and designer whose creative efforts encompass a broad genre of artistic work. He has an intuitive ability to grasp the essence of a client’s requirements to develop an original and highly professional quality product. In designing my book cover, he generated multiple novel ideas ranging from antique drawings to unique photographic compositions representing a variety of style and color. Response time in completing the project was excellent and the design format was suitable for multiple applications for business cards, promotional posters, and website layout. His knowledge of digital media and social networks is outstanding and allowed for smooth transcontinental communications with my publisher. Mr. Lacis is a gifted artist with an extensive portfolio of diverse areas of interest and I have no reservations in recommending him highly.



Author of the book "From Flames to Freedom"




UrbanPicture's designs are original and positive, and that’s exactly what attracted me to chose Linards as my logo designer. Communicating with Linards is very pleasant and easy, he just knows how to explain things, and he does all his work at the max quality and keeps the promised deadline. I can suggest Linards as a Professional of his field.


Peteris Liepins





Even before the very idea of creating a logo for my company, I knew that I would trust this work only for the team of Urban Picture and no one else. Without any doubt I can say that my thoughts were perfectly perceived right away and successfully put into all of the created concepts. It was absolutely a creative and high quality work. Outstanding and perfect result till the smallest details! I am grateful for the outcome and I know that our cooperation will surely continue!

Sanda Sinate

Ltd. “Jurenski”, “Ķikšu Ogas”




Cooperation with UrbanPicture was very positive and highly professional, the created designs were obviously a high-quality work and they succeeded our quite complex requirements. It was very great experience to work with this company!


Gatis Spruds

General secretary of the "National Alliance" (Latvian political party "Nacionālā apvienība")




My cooperation with the Advertising Agency consisted of a website (online store) design development for a fashion business. Our project goal was to create an outstanding brand identity as well as to offer a convenient and comprehensive customer service.

Despite the fact that the project development was organized from a long distance (due to the fact that I live in London), the achieved result was 100% original, innovative and visually beautiful. Needless to say that it was also highly valued and approved by the other industry professionals here in London. Linards Lācis and his team are truly talented artists and designers with an advanced perception of any customer needs and thoughts. They have an exceptional ability to put it all in a highly creative works that they provide.

Ruth Labrence

entrepreneur, fashion designer




Linards designed the TravelinLatvia logo, created a series of illustrative maps about Latvia and its regions and played a big part in developing the site's image. He is a talented, energetic, creative guy who delivers quality work on time and on budget. I look forward to working with Linards again in future, as my experience with him has been excellent in every way.


Philip Birzulis

founder of




Huge thanks to Linards and his team for the creation of the promotional capmaign development for “Doctus” (popular medical magazine in Latvia). We highly appreciate the communication and the precise time frames. It was very nice that our cooperation was flexible - we were presented with many ad concepts, including their own creative ideas and also accurate projections of our own thoughts. We enjoyed the tasteful and brave style of the Urban Picture that is completely original and stands above the others. And finally – what we appreciated the most was their commitment to achieve the best possible result and professional, high quality work.


Diāna Ričika

Chief Editor of “Doctus” (Latvian medical magazine)




It was very easy to work with UrbanPicture, they easily captured the given information and smoothly integrated into his designs. In the result, I was presented with several logo concepts, that all were very creative and really successful. The work was accurate and professional!


Sanita Spure

CEO of SaladBar (LTD. „SalātBārs”)




I chose to work with – Linards Lacis, because of my partners recommendations. I can surely say, that Linards is a fantastic professional and he does his job very well.

The cooperate identity (logo + stationary) that Linards designed for our company was exactly what we were looking for to create a professional and representative brand. Linards is responsive and able to quickly understand the needs of each client, as well as to put them into the design concepts.


Martins Kronbergs

CEO of Ltd. "Marko tech"




We have been a long-term cooperation partners with, we’ve ordered advertising banners, individually designed icon themes and various advertising material designs. When working with you can always expect a pleasant and professional attitude, individual and creative approach, interesting and unique design, original style and excellent quality of the final result. We can recommend them highly!


Visvaldis leitans

Jurmala camping,




Accuracy, flexibility and professionalism – these are the best 3 words that can describe the team of


Thank you once again for the result! Highly creative!


Kristaps Grietins

CEO of the DietPlan, Project Manager



"To leave footprints... To live and to work the way you leave great memories and everlasting results. Because there is no other definition of art, but the art of loving what you do and the people you cooperate with, and to create works with a lasting value.” With huge confidence I can surely say these words about cooperating with Linards Lacis. A person who is able to percieve your given thoughts and to create not just the appearance of the desired things, but most important – their inner and motional meanings and to create an art of it, that’s really worth it! THANK YOU!


Dace Pupola

Ltd. "Semeko"




Ok, so why Urban Picture? When we were searching online for companies that offer logo design and brand identity, we analyzed portfolios for lots of such companies. got our attention with their works, that are very creative and attractive with no doubt.

I rate the achieved result of the Urban Picture team as an exceptionally perfect. Surely also because of their communication skills and the outstanding result, that was completely tailored for all of our requirements.

The final result is worth much more than the invested time and money spent! I definitely recommend as the best company to create your brand identity!

Kaspars Tuls

CEO of professional Latvian work force company in Norway





I would like to express my gratitude to the artist Linards Lacis and his team for the creation of the Logo for my company "Backa Bygg".


I have to say that the info which I provided for them was very limited - all I knew was the color that I prefer and that's all, but the created design is exactly what I was hoping for! Although it was really impossible for me to describe what I wanted at the beginning.

As a result I now have a professional Logo, that will easily stay in our potential customers' minds with it's minimal and symbolic style, which in my opinion is one of the most important factors in a high quality logo design.


Once again - thanks for the cooperation!


Andris Virats

CEO of Swedish construction company "Backa bygg" 





Mr. Lacis is exceptionally talented. For real.



Ints Balodis

CEO of “MA Computers” 



We experienced a positive cooperation with Urban Picture. Fast adaption to our brand style and vision, high quality design production and attention to details, as well as good understanding in terms of our needs and wants.


Victor Ravdive

CEO of "International S.V." Restaurant




The choice to work with was made after a deep research of graphic designers. The projects of they portfolio clearly revealed creative and original approach to work, so there was no doubt that UrbanPicture is the right partner for our graphic design projects. The choice has been proven completely right, and we are grateful for the well done job!


Edgars pelcis

CEO of LTD. "Hanza Cargo"




Linards is able to quickly perceive the needs, taste and desires of the client. That’s very important, because there is no need to spend the time and energy for me. All the necessary actions are professional, fast and for affordable price. is certainly going to achieve a major success in the market today because of the attitude, quality, flexibility and speed. Thank you very much for the wonderful work!


Linda Lejina

CEO of Dance Studio “Spotlight Dance”




When I understood that my logo don't meet my own requirements, I decided to change it, but I was almost afraid that it won't be possible, because I still wanted to keep the concept of the logo. I started to search on the Internet for logo designer web pages, but when I found it was no doubt that I will choose them to help me. The thing I appreciate most is their punctuality and a high sense of responsibility. Good luck!


Daniels Kristapsons




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